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Modifikasi Suzuki Spin Low Rider

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The element of point and the total rumours always heating were the manufacturer the ‘weapon effective of the motor vehicles of S of the world to put on jack to the top the mark they. Proven in each exposure of the motor vehicles of the world, the bicycle of concept of war which was filled by future technology favorable to the environment, always emerged. But with precision which success was the thousands of penarik of magnet of visitors. As in the site of the 29th international engine of Bangkok (BIMS) show in the Na building of blow of BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand (27/3-6/4).

Its proof in the first day the exposure was opened, the pengujung of thousands which filled Stan that the wheel of two was made either astounded the aspect of several engines of concept. They which generally carried the kamer the pocket, gak neglected the occasion of immortaliser these engines. Because usually inside of a certain hour in the future be the produced mass its manufacturer.

Although tampilan the engine not to be identical thereafter like with precision which was shown. Nah, part of Stan which was completely occupied were attacked by the visitor, Suzuki. Its article at the principal stage the manufacturer of the engine had this Co. tha�e Ltd of engine of �, Suzuki, because a Thailand symbol showed the skutik 2 that the concept have nuances of point. Its name SD-01 (the black color) and SD-02 (white).

His conceive the futuristik and the aerodinamis by the firm lines in everywhere the bodi were enough to hypnotize the eyes. All of the two engines carried the kitchen of tooth have a small capacity, namely 125 DC which it seems were based on Hayate 125. Cover only the external machine (CVT and the magnet) was conceived repeated with the concept more futuristik and elegant. The cover of Antara the machine and the shock absorber which the wheel was written is united.

Enough that interesting was the elegant setang V of plan which was carried by him. When in the skutik-skutik generally maintaining the setang was covered cover, in the two elementary schools of concept with precision was made with minimalis. Probably followed tren lately. Not was in some manner that significant without right-hand side of panel of indicator.

The device of the machine and the speed of the round reader continued to be available, but its dimension was made as on small scales while possible that was placed in the average setang. Alhasil showing the continuous setang to be minimalis applied, but the results was more exotic.

The system of positioning (GPS), the MP3 and the personal DIGITAL Assisting (PDA) were lined in PRIMARY SCHOOL-02. All integrated in the panel of indicator in the setang. The article of technologies really facilitates the driver during in the voyage. The GPS played a part like instrument of navigation. Maintaining the MP3 tended for the entertainment. While PDA for the facility of GPS played a part like instrument of navigation. Maintaining the MP3 tended for the entertainment. While PDA for the facility of communication. Indeed these technologies not the new thing. Particularly in the vehicle of wheel of four. However in the motor bike could be considered still new. Thus could be known as was future technology for the engine.

Suzuki Spin Low Rider
Suzuki Spin Low Rider

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