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YAMAHA NOUVO Sport ModificationYAMAHA NOUVO Sport Modification
YAMAHA NOUVO Retro ModificationYAMAHA NOUVO Retro Modification
YAMAHA NOUVO Red Color ModificationYAMAHA NOUVO Red Color Modification
YAMAHA NOUVO Extreme ModificationYAMAHA NOUVO Extreme Modification
The Yamaha Nouvo is a small bodied motorcycle underbone of CVT built by Yamaha Motor. It was introduced in April 2002 for markets in South-East and in 2004, the Yamaha engine is a major breakthrough in introducing this model to the market of South America, namely Brazil, where it has been renamed the New Yamaha.

YAMAHA NOUVO Modifications

Although Nouvos are not designed for motorcycle enforcement or ignore legitimate victory packaging, they were used to pack since their introduction. In 2003, the number of privateer teams and sponsored motorcycle Malaysia presented the Nouvo for championship competition in the Malaysian Cub Prix. In Thailand, the Nouvo is also packed in the packaging of underbone drag.

In recent years, the Nouvo has rapidly gained popularity as a platform for modification and customization (eg spray painting or adding audio systems on board) by the enthusiast community, particularly in Thailand and Malaysia . With a huge variety of performance parts market accessories, including packing blocks of motor fuels and packaging the fine – kits suspension agreement Nouvo to make the fastest, it became popular in the scene Packing street legal and illegal, to the point that it became a cultural phenomenon secondary, especially in countries of Southeast Asia.

MODIFIKASI, MOTOR September 10th 2009

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