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Yamaha Jupiter MX Modified

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The Jupiter MX CONCEPT modified :

Incorporate designs into one long MX. “This generation-3, All new MX One R1,” said the author. Experiment on the Yamaha Jupiter MX 2007, MX Motorcycles yamaha make in this more perfect than the previous generation. New car adopted inspiration Galant or Lancer Evo 10, Yamaha R1, R6, and so one. A combination which is very beautiful for this Yamaha Jupiter MX.

Yamaha Jupiter MX 2007 full fighter modification

pict taken from :
thanks for nice picture…

MODIFIKASI, MOTOR September 10th 2009

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  1. komang Says:

    tolong kirimin ke email aku dong spesifikasi modifikasinya dan foto dari berbagai sisi depan,kiri,kanan,blakang, sama atas(spido meter,bodi dilihat dari atas) untuk Yamaha Jupiter MX 2007 full fighter modification

    ke email trimakasi atas bantuannya, aku pengen motor aku sekeren itu,

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