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Suzuki Shogun 2002 by Nikki Custom Bike

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Suzuki Shogun 2002 by Nikki Custom Bike

Modifikasi Suzuki Shogun 2002 by Nikki Custom Bike, Virus WJS (West Java Style) continues flowing in Banyumas and surrounding areas. Style dilhami tail streetfighter style crew cut, the more widespread practice. Any material can be formed WJS. No exception Suzuki Shogun 110 of the original duck lie machine, can be constrained crowed WJS style. As Rudi Wicaksono of workshops conducted Nikki Custom Bike, Cilacap.

Working on orders from Fery Hertanto, commonly called Rudi Wicaksono Bendrat must turn the brain because its base is not Shogun motor sport. “A lot of that had to be changed because the order and position it clear duck machine completely different sport,” said the shaggy Bendrat this.
Suzuki Shogun 2002 by Nikki Custom Bike
To pursue grim view streetfighter, transsexual step must be done. Shogun stripped Abiz. Order cut, the rest centerbone until komstir and suspension system.

Suzuki Shogun 2002 by Nikki Custom Bike

Finished unloading everything, Bendrat make a new additional order as the gas tank holder. Its construction was not random. Angle and curve of the frame made it also to be reckoned with ripe for the strength to stay awake.

Body design deliberately made a little chubby in the tank which is the development of the Suzuki Bandit. “I design again with a paper carton. Happens, yes like this,” added Bendrat from Jl. Cipto, Cilacap.

after tank has been installed live Hornet and other parts adjust. Of course, the stern was a typical tight budget constrained WJS. Style like this make the wheelbase looks a little long. While deltabox installed to fill the void in the living room.

Stay affairs foot, sued builder creativity. “I want to keep using quasi-original on the front, but the look is a bit changed,” said Ferry, a resident of Jl. Water Pump, Pesanggrahan, this Cilacap.

Upsss … Bendrat immediate response. Provision to follow the idea of ancient viruses, namely quasi-ahead to use condoms pipe or fiber. However Bendrat try another container. Airs next remains the original, it’s just a cover design made unique headlights. Which connects directly to cover the sides and front of the original self. Bendrat provide space at the bottom for sepatbor can still follow the path up and down tomorrow.

As for legs and back, swing-arm mounted a set of Honda Tiger. Of course, by changing little in order to get into centerbone Shogun. After that stay dikamuflase again with fiberglass. “Inspiration from a swing arm Cagiva Mito,” honest.

So anyway!

modification data of Suzuki Shogun 2002 by Nikki Custom Bike:

Front tire: 90/90-17 Swallow
Rear tire: 120/70-17 Swallow
Rims: Sprint
Sok back: Suzuki Satria 120
Handlebars: MFMS
Nikki Custom: 0856-4772-8881

MODIFIKASI, MOTOR January 6th 2010

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