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modifikasi honda tiger gambot streetfighter, Already large body makes Ui also have to design the legs which must also be big. Sepatbor supporters started from the front and rear.
Big and strong impression is very strong. Moreover, Ui wear hand-me-down Suzuki Hayabusa feet wide at the rim and the device cietnya.

Just who still use the silencer kejutnya gado-gado. Airs next Ui quasi pede apply standards, coupled system of condoms you will look great and are not crippled by the body. Ui use 2.5-inch pipe material as the original self wrappers. Model is being adapted from Suzuki GSX750 let in concert with the already large body.

Likewise with the hind legs. Ui mimic exotic design honda CBR 1000 swing arm that is designed gambot By design and stout. Okay indeed!


Front tire: 120/60-17 Bridgestone
Rear tire: 190/50-17 Michelin
Headlights: Supra X 125
Taillights: Honda CS-1
Muffler: AHRS
EC: 0815-4266-6661

MODIFIKASI, MOTOR January 10th 2010

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