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modifikasi yamaha scorpio ekstrem moto gp

Modifikasi yamaha scorpio ekstrem, The figure is reminiscent of a motorcycle rider in MotoGP, Casey Stoner, from Australia. Yes! Adhen Pangestu of the workshop Adhen Modified/modifikasi (AM) attracted the same weight former world champion in 2007, to the extent that artificial Yamaha Scorpio 2005, which he has overhauled like Ducati.
Modification seems so extreme and expensive. yamaha scorpio modif In fact, many cunning tricks-tricks that funds disbursed are not fancy like shape.
As the legs are more muscular, it is certainly part mistaken for disposable waste moge. In fact, not true. He would still continue to use the default. “Front sokbreker still wear the original, only given a condom using a pipe,” commentator Adhen. With this trick, the size of tube shock absorbers so in accordance with the dimensions of the body.
Incidentally, using a size 3-inch alloy wheels. Therefore, the dimensions become more fit. Likewise, the rear legs, with an already large body like this, the area was certainly still use the original monoshock. Hmm, what baseball sinkhole?
Meanwhile, the arm look bigger ayunnya now like a moge. Apparently, that part is still original. According Adhen, arm swing only reshaped with the addition of a metal plate to be like what is used on the Ducati.
Of the legs and then switch to the body. Adhen foresight proved expert tracings. Look tail design that “copy paste” with the Desmosedici GP9. All were made of fiberglass. Because of daily use, then the part as the main light is maintained. Only, rada hide his position on the body front.
Another scam from this modifikasi yamaha scorpio ekstrem on undertail exhaust that fits very same body design. So, where the original exhaust? His position was under, near the right side fairin

MODIFIKASI, MOTOR December 31st 2010

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