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modifikasi honda cbr street fashion fighter

this is reviews about modifikasi honda cbr 150 RR to honda cbr street fashion from purwodadi. more about reviews this modifikasi motor cbr and gambar modifikasi honda CBR you can read this reviews. Community Honda CBR150 in Indonesia is already quite a lot. That’s what makes David think again. How to make the bike look different from the others. But, still good in life turing. Although eventually, have to change the nature of this sporty bike streetfighter genre! The first thing to do is definitely doing reworked on the legs. One set of front and rear quasi Suzuki GSX750 be an option. Part GSX750 considered the most suitable because of its dimensions are not too big. As for the swing arm, chose to take the CBR1000. That’s because its dimension is shorter than the GSX.

honda cbr 150 modif purwodadi

CBR1000 swing arm is shorter than the GSX750, but it still swing arm is longer when compared’s CBR150. Hence the chain driving the rear wheels are connected, “said Handoko, modifiers also shop and shop owner Modified BJM variation.

modif honda cbr 150 street fashion
Sepatbor front: Ninja 250R
Muffler: R9 Mugelo
Bodi set: Fiberglass by BJM
Cat / clear: Serwin Williams
BJM: 0812-2888-122

MODIFIKASI, MOTOR January 3rd 2011

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