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yamaha byson motorsportyamaha byson full body wallpaper
Yamaha’s latest sport bike. Named Byson, this bike will be launched after Hari Raya Idul Fitri later. Although not yet launched, Yamaha has opened a special ordering as many as 200 people. Gambot body style brings street fighter, Byson will fight with the Honda motor The Real Street Fighter, New Mega Pro which already carries the design, order and a new engine in two-wheel motorcycle market. But unfortunately, the tap pivot for Yamaha Byson before the official launch was not able to be enjoyed by all Yamaha customers in parts of Indonesia, but only for customers in Jakarta and its satellite cities around it. Only, when the V-Ixion was brought pengabutannya injection technology in the system, Byson will likely be downgraded and will only use the carburetor. Motor that will accompany the Scorpio V-Ixion and a refreshed 153 cc engine with the same platform with other Yamaha sport bike, the V-Ixion.yamaha byson 153cc facelift 2010rear wheels yamaha byson

yamaha byson wallpaper
speedo meter yamaha byson

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