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modif kawasaki KLX

Despite word got out that in the near future manufacturers will release the Kawasaki D-Tracker 150, but Ari Triadmojo not interested. Doi fact that even his modifikasi total KLX 150 supermoto style.”More satisfied if modif own, the selected goods more special than the gift of the motor,” Ari confident that directly brought to the workshop Caos KLX 150 Custom Bike (CCB) in the number Jl. West Jewel, Jakarta Selatan.

gambar kawasaki KLX

Apparently the use of innate motor frame and the engine just wrote. “The rest use waste parts of copotan take special trail engine (SE) and enduro,” said Rachmat Lery Rizki, builder courtier CCB.Sedang rear swing arm choice fell on the innate arm of the Suzuki DR 350 cc model is more sturdy. “Swing-arm wheel has a wide space, so perfect for installing tires and rims superlebar characteristics of supermoto,” said builder who was still a bachelor.

Another characteristic displayed by besutan supermoto tire and rim replacement special highway. “Home use 3.50-inch rim size. Who’s wide rear rim is used up to 5 inches. The selection wheel is wider than standard moge legs,” continued Lery.

gambar modifikasi kawasaki KLX 150

If you have this and still put the standard body KLX150 definitely oversized. Lery love to wear body input 250 cc trail. After trying to put some body finally selected cover the rear body milk KTM 250. “Let Kawasaki traits remain. Stay cocokin front body with a KLX250,” said Lery!’ll Spur more aggressive acceleration kitchen, some racing parts aftermarket products come packed accidentally. As the sector that has been put CDI ignition racing BRT product. “Unfortunately the engine was still standard dicolek aliasa no one,” explained Lery again.

kawasaki klx 150 modif

The condition of the machine no one has dicolek alias pristine factory default. But, let me spur kitchen loaded with standard equipment powered solution FMF racing exhaust original product. While the supply of fuel is served carburetor Keihin PE 28.

kawasaki KLX modif

Special to the exhaust pipe designed his own neck. Of course there is the intention en destination. Let notch baseball stuck pipe frame and body, “continued Lery who also has put a safety frame slider on the KLX 150 engine this.


Front tire: Battlax B70/120/17
Rear tire: Battlax 60/160/17
Handlebars: Protaper
Handle: Zeta
Air filters: zero
Caos Custom Bike: 0817-0089-400

Author / Photo: Belo / Endro


MODIFIKASI, MOTOR January 13th 2011