Honda Vario Street Fighter Modification

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Honda Vario Street Fighter ModificationHonda Vario Street Fighter Modification
In addition to being a student, a man whose name is also Fhilips Kristianto modif motor pursue even casually modif motor, but thanks to keisengannya modif Fhilips motor bike did not think the number was called as The Best Black bike. With the motor diusungnya Vario Mototodify for the event, 19-year-old man is taking the concept of Street Fighter motorcycle.

Concept selection is to suggest a more sophisticated motor and has a sporty impression, when seen from the standard form of this motor Vario has been amended nearly 100 percent,

“The concept of my motorcycle Street Fighter made its name, the reason being I feel the concept’s motor Vario usually matic she seems shallow, if I input the street fighter-class seems a little bit forward to the sport. So basically I like motor sport, so I have a plan to make Vario a motor sport, “ujarnya.Sedangkan the percentage changes were made to this Vario Fhilips says,” 100 percent change “.

To change the motor is more focused on the motor body and legs, about the engine and framework embedded into it still relies on the original manufacturer of the Vario, “Only the innate Vario wrote the same machine next order only”. Taking an idea from one of the automotive media, make changes to Fhilips Vario by removing some of the body and the legs of the original factory built, “If the change of the motor, rear body already using CS 1, the body behind him dicustom, let me put sweet little cover below same order triggers Street Fighternya, the leg-foot radius of my car put acrylic halved, measured and dibubut, so all the legs using acrylic. If most of all custom wheels “.

In order to look sexy, then change the order back Fhilips while to show the impression of street fighter extended handlebar. The man and his motorcycle the first time come to Djarum Black MOTODIFY contestants did not think the bike serial number was called as The Best Black bike, “Nah aja ya thought suddenly summoned cuman yes I pray it is successful,” he said. Fhilips added, “I am feeling very happy, yes, indeed I hope to catch The Best Black”. For the final plan later Fhilips will complete the front legs let more robust.

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Air Brush Classic Vespa Modification

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Air Brush Classic Vespa Modification
If we talk about classical view, is certainly agree that changes in the motor Andika’s Vespa is worth thumbs up. This scooter characters have changed sebuat Like the classic motorcycle themed restaurant a true classic. It is said that this is because the owner was always dreaming of a nice classic look with all the accessories attached to the body of this Vespa. “Said the man who live south of Jakarta Kemang area of this.”

Vespa motor design was inspired many sectors. Starting from choosing colors, which uses color Candy Red Pearl was entrusted with the paint manufacturers Sikkens class. Disegi kelar Andika painter of hunting soon paraphernalia original Italian goods now supposedly he trinkets prices these accessories exorbitant price. Because it would not be surprised if the goods are rare accessories were found and only time there is hence expensive.

Design right and left side of the box this Vespa also gives comfort to her when she was ridding and kalu must aka kerjar time speeding. Understandably, these motors often touring far that body position should be protected by the side of the front deck and the left-right body on this bike. And briefly, when viewed in the light fist impression of classic Vespa is actually attached too tightly to this bike. With a plate made of cast iron round light brands were already menisyaratkan SIEM if this motor using a branded product (read: class).

Air Brush Classic Vespa Modification Spec detail :

Custom Body : N/A
Custom Duck Tail : N/A
Custom Rear Body : N/A
Body Paint : Red Pearl Candy (Sikkens)
Custom Paint Interior : Red Pearl Candy (Sikkens)
Custom Cutting Sticker & Stripping Varing : N/A
Seat : Original
Rear Hugger : N/A

Bore Up : N/A
Porting Polished : N/A
Muffler : Original
Air Filter : Original
Coil : N/A
Plugs : NGK
Cable Plugs : Original
Camshaft : Original
Carburator : Dell Orto
Filter Carburator : Dell Orto
Spuyer : Dell Orto
Piston : Original
Roller : N/A
Cover CVT : N/A
Cover Belt : N/A

Front Wheel : Original 10 inch
Rear Wheel : Original 10 inch
Front Tromol : Original
Rear Tromol : Original
Front Tyre : Original
Rear Tyre : Original
Front ShockBreaker : Original
Rear Shockbreaker : Original
Rear Per : Original
Brake Master : Original
Disc Plate : N/A
Front SpackBoard : Original
Rear SpackBoard : Original

Brake Handle : Original
Front Lamp : SIEM
Rear Lamp : SIEM
Lamp : Original
Hand Grip : Original
Fuel Indicator : N/A
Rear Bracket : N/A
Deck : Original
Steer : Original
Mirror : N/A
Front Carrier : N/A
Rear Carrier : N/A
Spidometer : Veglia Borletti
Rubber Set : Singapura
Horn : Original
Mudflap : Original
Flyscreen : N/A
Mudguard Chest (lapis emas 18 karat) : N/A
Tachometer : N/A
Front Sein : N/A
Rear Sein : N/A
Side Sein : N/A

Author and Photographer: (M. FAUZI)

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Kawasaki Ninja 150 Modification

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Kawasaki Ninja 150 Modification
Kawasaki Ninja 150 dashboardKawasaki Ninja 150 Modification
Kawasaki Ninja 150 Wheel and Rim ModificationKawasaki Ninja 150 Wheel and Rim Modification

How to Modify the Kawasaki ninja 150??

For Suspension, especially the front, on the materials used CBR 400. Although not the model upside down, but still looks good. Rear swing arm design that is curved, such as the banana.

Wearing Suspension behind Honda CBR 400. Once tried to create the look back higher. The solution, install the rear mono shock Ninja that position remains proportional.

Done deal foot-feet, motor kawasaki ninja 150R is brought to the workshop Mosbi. Then establish a stern Honda CBR400 motor model with a separate seat. Not only that, the bottom of the fairing to cover the exhaust side with the use of fiberglass changed!

Meanwhile, for spate board front does not have the CBR400 because the high price. Color combination of blue and white very fit and strengthen the Kawasaki Ninja 150 look like a big Motorsport.

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Modifikasi Motor Matic

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The difference between the Matic Motorcycles : Yamaha mio, Honda Vario and Suzuki Spin

1. Yamaha Mio Best Motor Matic

Yamaha Mio Best Motor Matic

Mio can be spelled the star motor matik di Indonesia. How not to launch since this time, the sale of Mio able to push up share sales Yamaha. Presence even make the older brother alias Nouvo become less popular. Although for womanhood, Mio evidently demand masculine sweet purchased the firm. If you want honest, Mio successfully to educate market and suppress motor matic image that can be used for day-to-day activities.

Even if there are less than the figure Mio factors are fuel tanks that imut, so often have to make it drop to the gas station. Mio tank capacity of the manual”only”3.7 liters – the same as the duck Honda. The problem, motor matic likely due to a lavish round of engine that is high enough so that the motor can move – more than one motor and motor sport. In addition, the disease is congenital Mio sound mouse wheel in the background.

2. Honda Vario

Honda Vario Predicted the big Honda is able to destroy that image motor matic wasteful of fuel. Moreover, with cc engine that is less than Mio, Honda seems to really pursue economical. Unfortunately, no more economical when considering the economical Honda Vario create new machines with the radiator. The addition of the radiator features hi-tech, but at the same time to make any increased treatment costs. Not to mention, with the famous Honda many cases spareparts scarcity in the market (NSR, Tiger, Karisma, Sonic). Things that often make consumer frustration.

3. Suzuki Spin

Suzuki Spin

Plus points in the service of Suzuki, three-year free service and oil change. This is very beneficial in this difficult period. Not a matter of service and warranty, the most you a Suzuki from the first. Once so brave and pioneering among the other competitors. So if consumers buy Spin, do not have a headache thinking about service. Moreover, engine technology still Step eleven twelve with SHOGUN 125 series / Arashi like Mio series with Vega / Jupiter series. Not use the radiator. Simple.
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Kawasaki KLX 150 Picture Modification and Video

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Kawasaki KLX 150

Kawasaki KLX 150 Customize Picture
From appointment supermoto indonesia, i am repost pictures of supermoto based on KLX 150 taken by one of [the] affiliate of this appointment while ablution moment KLX 150 at bandung. Modification focus put on foots ancillary by use of aftermarket allotment . Let’s attending out , we achievement it will accord you acceptable inspirations. Handlebar has been replaced to be fatbar type, use raiser, additional ad-lib gas, new grip, minimalizing duke bouncer , additionally apparent trilateral new replaced
Battlax tyre BT090 120/60/17, advanced discbrake, kaliper brembo, anchor cable is replaced Front angle is replaced with upsitedown chicken gold blazon , sein/turn lamp is replaced with led type, and there is additionally agent guard. It looks great! Swing arm assistant type, kaliper 1 agent Brembo, Muffler R9 Muffler close botches backdrop with bow not bright Battlax tyre bt090 150/60/17, sprocket and gold attending chain, adjuser chain.

Kawasaki KLX 150 Video :

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CBR250R Vs Ninja dan Megelli

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Pasar motor sport berkapasitas 250 cc makin seru setelah kemunculan Honda CBR250R. Motor Kawasaki Ninja pun mulai mendapat saingan. Mana motor sport kesayangan Anda?

Dari total 5.407 suara yang masuk dalam polling detikOto kali, pendatang baru Honda CBR250R berhasil mengalahkan saingannya, Kawasaki Ninja.

Honda CBR250R dipilih sekitar 49,69 persen responden atau 2.687 suara. Hanya tipis saja di atas Kawasaki Ninja yang perolehannya mencapai 47,35 persen atau 2.560 suara.

Sementara motor 250 cc lainnya, Minerva Megelli cenderung tak dilirik pembaca detikOto. Motor ini hanya mendapatkan 2,9 persen saja atau sekitar 157 suara.

Berikut perbandingan 3 motor sport tersebut:

Honda CBR250R

  • Mesin 249 cc 1 silinder 4 langkah DOHC liquid cooled
  • Bore x Stroke: 76.0 X 55 mm
  • Kompresi : 10,7:1
  • Transmisi: 6 percepatan
  • Suplai BBM: Injeksi PGM-FI
  • Tenaga 25,8 Ps pada 8.800 rpm
  • Torsi 23 Nm.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R

  • Mesin: 249 cc DOHC 2 silinder 4 langkah, liquid-cooled
  • Bore x Stroke: 62.0 X 41.2 mm
  • Kompresi: 11.6:1
  • Transmisi: 6 percepatan
  • Tenaga 31 Ps pada 11.000 rpm
  • Torsi 20Nm pada 9.500 rpm

Minerva Megelli

  • Mesin SOHC 4 klep, Water Cooler, Advance Balancer Shaft
  • Kapasitas 247 cc 1 silinder
  • Transmisi 6-speed
  • Tenaga puncak 27 PS
  • Torsi Puncak 22 Nm
  • Top speed rata-rata 155 km per jam
  • Fitur tambahan Upside down dan Speedo Digital Koso RX2N (tipe RV)
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Power for the Kawasaki KSR-110 is loaded with a user-friendly 111cc air-cooled, SOHC two-valve, four-stroke single cylinder engine which produces an output of 8.4 horsepowers. Considering economics the Kawasaki KSR-110 drives about 55 kilometer on 1 liter fuel.




Kawasaki KSR 110 2005





111 cc, air cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke

Bore x stroke (mm)

53 mm x 50.6 mm

Compression ratio



SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder

Fuel system





8.4 hp (6.3 kW) @ 8500 rpm


8.1 Nm (6 ft. lbs) @ 6500 rpm



Automatic centrifugal type wet multiple plates


4 speed


1e 3.000, 2nd 1.937, 3th 1.350, 4th 1.087

Primary drive

3.409 (75/22)

Final drive

Chain, 2.067 (31/15)

Starting system




Pipe backbone

Front suspension

Telescopic (inverted inner tube diameter 30mm)

Rear suspension

Swing arm


Front tyre


Back tyre


Front brakes

single 200 mm disc with 1-piston calipers

Rear brakes

single 184 mm floating disc with 1-piston calipers


Overall length

1670 mm (65.7 inches)

Overall width

705 mm (27.8 inches)

Overall height

995 mm (39.2 inches)

Seat height

750 mm (29.5 inches)


1165 mm (45.9 inches)

Ground clearance

225 mm (8.9 inches)

Fuel capacity – reserve

7.3 l (1.9 gallon US)

Dry weight

84 kg (185.2 pounds)

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The 250 cc honda tiger simple and cool modification. MODIFIKASI HONDA TIGER the new tiger motorcycles modification from Indonesia.
SIMPLE Modification of Honda Tiger

Honda Tiger Drag Style Modify


Honda Tiger like Sport Motorcycle in Super Bike.

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2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX Modif Style

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2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX Modif Style

See it from far abroad we’ll acquisition out if this motorcycle is a Yamaha Jupiter MX. But what makes her adorable is the glint of gold that admix some anatomy genitalia to attending added ‘eye catchy’. Motor mainstay Fabricated Ambara Suarjaya, this SE is distinctively able to chase the event, abnormally in Denpasar MOTODIFY gold blinks chic and ducks modification. Not abandoned the anatomy that accustomed appropriate attention, all the way to the legs additionally accustomed appropriate absorption in adjustment to arise added solid.
Regarding the bike, Fabricated Ambara the M1 account base administrator additionally said, “This motor is Jupiter MX in 2006 that I kastem with the abstraction of the anatomy custom affected minimalist,” he explained. Although no acute changes in engine, anatomy looks abundant this is like a allurement able of alluring added pairs of eyes to glance at him. Capacity of the advanced legs abandoned blubbery gold nuances like the chrome Gazi Fork Up Side Down and discs and 4 agent Kitaco KALIPER. To adept anchor and Tromol still application the aboriginal model.

Continue to the rear legs, the changes credible in the arm beat changes that additionally kastem model. Additionally there is the change in abeyance application Gazi, Posh discs, 4 agent Kitaco KALIPER, and additionally the adept anchor custom version. Everything seemed to bell neatly with capacity from the anatomy frame, advanced mask, fairing, the ascetic and the awning is the bake-apple Ambara Fabricated creations beneath the characterization M1. As already mentioned above, although no change is in the machine, abolish the motor amplitude is additionally redesigned custom model.
For variations on this bike can be apparent acutely in the use of X-1R handlebar, rear lights and assurance Mio. For the gas pedal and Footstep, Fabricated Ambara accept bunched archetypal achievement arch architect of Yoshimura parts.
Prominent in the color, to acrylic and bright in the bike was handed over absolutely to the boutique cutting chrome Malik Bali william serwin articles additional gold chrome on the outside. “Long processing this bike takes a ages with difficulties, abnormally in sectors area we kastem anatomy tries to tie cilia with plastic,” he reveals about the processing time and adversity processing these motors.
A row of these appearance are instantly fabricated him a motor home so the best Denpasar, abnormally in the class of modification and the coolest avoid blink-blink. Closing the conversation, the affairs reveals a affable man on aboriginal impressions and expectations, “I am actual appreciative and blessed for this achievement and I achievement it’ll be added motor formed the advanced with a bigger one than now”.

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Yamaha Mio ATV Style Concept Modification

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Yamaha Mio ATV Style Concept Modification

Most of the modifier, when making the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) with a base scooter, just using the engine alone. For an entirely new framework. Unlike arable Siswo Winoto of Win’s Paddock (WP) in Purwokerto, Central Java on Yamaha Mio 2005 production Imung property.

In forming the four-wheel motorcycle, he was still wearing a main frame is still strong skutik judged to be supporting the ATV frame. Tactics that do Wiwin – Winato familiar greeting – with center cut bone aka main frame near the handle of the engine until the gas tank holder. The total cut to 30 cm. “The tank was moved forward and made more new cradle for the engine,” beber Wiwin. Means, Mio main frame of the house was left living below the place holder komstir to deck. Big and strong on his pipe, “I went on the bracket tie rod, much cheaper and hold the main frame rather than have to make,” he said.

The remaining main frame so the handle tie rod. Bracket made of pipe size 3×6 cm box with a length of 50 cm. Pipes are welded on either side facing down. Happens, tie rod grip shape like the letter “V” when viewed from the front.

Chassis that connects the front and rear wheel drive made new. Shaped like the letter “Y” big. “Pipe 1.5 inches so the main chassis frame welded to the Mio, which serves as a support sustained 3.4-inch diameter pipe,” said Wiwin. For body work, you could say okay. Unfortunately, the legs too long and wide so that the overall appearance of proportion. Especially the distance from the body of the outer tire is too wide.

Wiwin claims that body model fighter really sharp with very short tails and tires like a true streetfighter motorcycle. Medium refers to the direction of bodywork ATV Yamaha Raptor ATV with a pointed front line and dived like a plane.

MODIFIKASI, MOTOR April 15th 2011