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New Honda Mega Pro CB1000R Photo and Specification

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New Honda Mega Pro CB1000R

Honda Mega Pro CB1000R Photo
Newcomer to the ranks of motor sport family who immediately won the Honda Motorcycle of the Year 2010 version of the Automobile Journalists Forum (FORWOT), New Mega Pro, look dazzling at the Honda booth at JMCS touch thanks to modifications in its form.

Taking the concept of Ultimate Street Fighter, New Mega Pro 150 was transformed into CB1000R up to look like a big cc sport bike was a frightening and powerful.

Concept rubahan taken the modifier does not eliminate the DNA of the New Mega Pro itself is said to Honda as the real street fighter. However, thanks to rubahan and application of appropriate after-market parts, capable of making New Mega Pro is as if transformed into Ultimate CB1000R.

At the front, head lamp ultimate street fighter is still using the default New Mega Pro, so that continues to reflect the original look of the street fighter. It’s just that his handlebar turned into a typical large and thick little steet fighter.

Striking changes seen in the application of shock up side down with a pinch bigger belongs Honda CBR 1000 alerts in 2009. As for adjusting the shock that has been swollen, the black rubber front using Bridgestone Battlax BT-003F 120/60 – 17.

Moved mudur of head lamp, a little touch given to his petrol tank with the addition of custom condom so it looks more than a form aslianya gambot. Not only that, the addition of delta box custom street fighter character increasingly emphasized the dashing and muscular.

Under the engine, the engine cover modifier added to achieve the perfection of living modified in accordance with the concept.

From the middle to the stern of the New Mega Pro, has received significant changes. Stern is made more slender and tapering.

Sector while the rear legs, this ultimate street fighter pinch arm swing belongs to CB VTECH combined with tires Bridgestone Battlax 200/50 – 17.

Attendance at the booth Wannabe Honda CB1000R is quite provoke enthusiasm motor sport lovers homeland. In addition to providing an exciting spectacle for JMCS 2010, the presence of ultimate street fighter can also be used as a reference modification for the owner of the New Mega Pro.

Specifications CB1000R Wannabe

Head Lamp: New Mega Pro

Fat Bar Steering: After Market

Front Fork: Up Side Down CBR 1000 2009

Front Tire: Bridgestone Battlax 120/60 – 17

Rear Tire: Bridgestone Battlax 120/60 – 17

Front Brake: Tokico

Rear Brake: Nissin

Tank Cover: Custom

Delta Box & Under Cowl: Custom

Front Fender: Custom

Rear Body: custom

Muffler: Custom

Foot Step: Custom

MODIFIKASI, MOTOR April 14th 2011

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  1. Kiky Says:

    Hmm.. desaign mufflernya bagus, boleh tau referensi bikin dimana bro??

  2. admin Says:

    Hallo bro & Sis semua gmna ada yg bisa bantu bro kiky nih? :)

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