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Modifikasi Motor Matic

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The difference between the Matic Motorcycles : Yamaha mio, Honda Vario and Suzuki Spin

1. Yamaha Mio Best Motor Matic

Yamaha Mio Best Motor Matic

Mio can be spelled the star motor matik di Indonesia. How not to launch since this time, the sale of Mio able to push up share sales Yamaha. Presence even make the older brother alias Nouvo become less popular. Although for womanhood, Mio evidently demand masculine sweet purchased the firm. If you want honest, Mio successfully to educate market and suppress motor matic image that can be used for day-to-day activities.

Even if there are less than the figure Mio factors are fuel tanks that imut, so often have to make it drop to the gas station. Mio tank capacity of the manual”only”3.7 liters – the same as the duck Honda. The problem, motor matic likely due to a lavish round of engine that is high enough so that the motor can move – more than one motor and motor sport. In addition, the disease is congenital Mio sound mouse wheel in the background.

2. Honda Vario

Honda Vario Predicted the big Honda is able to destroy that image motor matic wasteful of fuel. Moreover, with cc engine that is less than Mio, Honda seems to really pursue economical. Unfortunately, no more economical when considering the economical Honda Vario create new machines with the radiator. The addition of the radiator features hi-tech, but at the same time to make any increased treatment costs. Not to mention, with the famous Honda many cases spareparts scarcity in the market (NSR, Tiger, Karisma, Sonic). Things that often make consumer frustration.

3. Suzuki Spin

Suzuki Spin

Plus points in the service of Suzuki, three-year free service and oil change. This is very beneficial in this difficult period. Not a matter of service and warranty, the most you a Suzuki from the first. Once so brave and pioneering among the other competitors. So if consumers buy Spin, do not have a headache thinking about service. Moreover, engine technology still Step eleven twelve with SHOGUN 125 series / Arashi like Mio series with Vega / Jupiter series. Not use the radiator. Simple.

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