Air Brush Classic Vespa Modification

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Air Brush Classic Vespa Modification
If we talk about classical view, is certainly agree that changes in the motor Andika’s Vespa is worth thumbs up. This scooter characters have changed sebuat Like the classic motorcycle themed restaurant a true classic. It is said that this is because the owner was always dreaming of a nice classic look with all the accessories attached to the body of this Vespa. “Said the man who live south of Jakarta Kemang area of this.”

Vespa motor design was inspired many sectors. Starting from choosing colors, which uses color Candy Red Pearl was entrusted with the paint manufacturers Sikkens class. Disegi kelar Andika painter of hunting soon paraphernalia original Italian goods now supposedly he trinkets prices these accessories exorbitant price. Because it would not be surprised if the goods are rare accessories were found and only time there is hence expensive.

Design right and left side of the box this Vespa also gives comfort to her when she was ridding and kalu must aka kerjar time speeding. Understandably, these motors often touring far that body position should be protected by the side of the front deck and the left-right body on this bike. And briefly, when viewed in the light fist impression of classic Vespa is actually attached too tightly to this bike. With a plate made of cast iron round light brands were already menisyaratkan SIEM if this motor using a branded product (read: class).

Air Brush Classic Vespa Modification Spec detail :

Custom Body : N/A
Custom Duck Tail : N/A
Custom Rear Body : N/A
Body Paint : Red Pearl Candy (Sikkens)
Custom Paint Interior : Red Pearl Candy (Sikkens)
Custom Cutting Sticker & Stripping Varing : N/A
Seat : Original
Rear Hugger : N/A

Bore Up : N/A
Porting Polished : N/A
Muffler : Original
Air Filter : Original
Coil : N/A
Plugs : NGK
Cable Plugs : Original
Camshaft : Original
Carburator : Dell Orto
Filter Carburator : Dell Orto
Spuyer : Dell Orto
Piston : Original
Roller : N/A
Cover CVT : N/A
Cover Belt : N/A

Front Wheel : Original 10 inch
Rear Wheel : Original 10 inch
Front Tromol : Original
Rear Tromol : Original
Front Tyre : Original
Rear Tyre : Original
Front ShockBreaker : Original
Rear Shockbreaker : Original
Rear Per : Original
Brake Master : Original
Disc Plate : N/A
Front SpackBoard : Original
Rear SpackBoard : Original

Brake Handle : Original
Front Lamp : SIEM
Rear Lamp : SIEM
Lamp : Original
Hand Grip : Original
Fuel Indicator : N/A
Rear Bracket : N/A
Deck : Original
Steer : Original
Mirror : N/A
Front Carrier : N/A
Rear Carrier : N/A
Spidometer : Veglia Borletti
Rubber Set : Singapura
Horn : Original
Mudflap : Original
Flyscreen : N/A
Mudguard Chest (lapis emas 18 karat) : N/A
Tachometer : N/A
Front Sein : N/A
Rear Sein : N/A
Side Sein : N/A

Author and Photographer: (M. FAUZI)

MODIFIKASI, MOTOR April 28th 2011