Yamaha Jupiter Z Extreme Modification

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Yamaha Jupiter Z Extreme ModificationModif Extreme Yamaha Jupiter Z

The number of categories included in the competition Djarum Black MOTODIFY modifications enabled the motor’s Faith Nul Hakim, earned 20 champion Too Damn Low. Intention merely reading a magazine instead generate inspiration to make Yamaha Jupiter has a different view from the other. Changes made by students at the University of Muhammadiyah Palembang is comprehensive from the body, legs and order all full chrome.

For the sake of achieving his desire to have a motor modifications, Faith would hunt for the best shop in Bekasi motorcycle body. This is the surgery of the Jupiter brand-new exterior body is made. Carry the chrome color with plastic materials as well as repainting done.

He looks a down to earth role requires faith as well as selecting motor modifikator Monoshock rear Shockbreaker personal work. “To part the legs of almost all the hand-made, ranging from suspension, brakes KALIPER on, our own raft,” says this law student.

Since the prioritized dalah exotic appearance with a bit extreme force, then the hyper sector workers do not get the slightest touch. “My machine is still using the original parts and really still original manufacturer,” he emphasized to the team so www.autoblackthrough.com.

Nominal is not a thing to be calculated for a satisfaction. This approximately embedded in the minds of Faith Nul Hakim, the article cost of motor modif pet reaches USD 20 million. But still there is a desire to show a motor with a more extreme change than this year. When asked about the concept of next year, he preferred to keep it a secret manner. [nus / timABT]

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