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Modification of the motor is channeling creativity to create and innovate so that it can be realized according to what the chill and in the form of real teraplikasikan. Djarum Black MOTODIFY 2009 who visited the city of Pekanbaru is the fifth city of roadshownya also displays a nice shape modifications like John Anga in preparing Satria FU 150 SE.

Newer concepts are formulated by John the theme R6 bike motor bike makes deserve ogled her in detail, the engine intake satria FU 150 original engine was standard only a little change in the ignition, the addition of CDI racing and pulling teeth, including the transfer of the gearbox so that more light when pulled tight with a maximum strength.

A significant part of the exterior changes are quite complicated according to John Anga, the shop owner John Anga Racing Sport (Jars) is dibagian swing arm and rear swingarm where it is thought the difficulty level seemed to provide a homemade intake adjusted to the change itself.

Also visible part visible from the front of the naked eye, a black screen with a bodykit Duco at Djarum Black graphic motifs add nuance fast, finishing varnishes and Sikken entrusted to chrome in some parts to enhance your sports display at Satria FU 150 motorcycles this. For the legs, John Anga use to Absedawn Aprilia front wheel and tire dressing Bridgestone GP has used to increase the keanyaran motor sport. All these motors work on the application requires two months he said.

John Anga concocting the most of that did not hesitate to give a touch of racing that was carried in accordance with the concept that he has from the beginning to enter a contest, especially automotive largest motorcycle by Djarum Black digawangi this. One participant from Pekanbaru expects to continue to creativity in the automotive world, when it was announced the winner of the motor’s John Anga won seven trophy from several categories including those representing the city of Pekanbaru to the finals later in Solo because the bike picked up The Best Black bike.

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