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Motorcycles Modification in Pontianak Motodify Contest

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Modification+in+Pontianak+Motodify+ContestMotorcycles Modification in Pontianak Motodify Contest

This is the second time the motor modifications contests Djarum Black MOTODIFY visited earth Equator, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. The event that took place during the 2-day gala (7-8/11) has ended. The Summit, held on Sunday (8 / 11) evening gala held to create hundreds of young people Pontianak parents even late in the festive event at the venue took Pontianak Trade Center (PCC).

Queue visitors at the entrance was visible long after the evening prayer time this show will Pontianak public interest particularly automotive huge motorcycle. Not a few people who come in groups of one group Mio Owner Club and some that come in pairs. They were curious to see and know who the champion at this year MOTODIFY. Festivity increasingly felt when MC Bie and daughter on stage to greet the visitors.

Backed by a full package of Djarum Black-style entertainment, the opening entertainment by local bands that come adorned modification contest this time, the atmosphere became more animated when DJ Lady in action his house music. And the situation even more heated when the sexy dancer by Dyah Girl get up on stage and started meliak-liukkan body with diiringin DJ played the song Lady and the action body grinder to cover entertainment Pontianak MOTODIFY 2009.


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