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Competitive atmosphere was so thick when Djarum Black MOTODIFY visited the provincial capital of Bali, Denpasar. The modulus of modification owner spill plus the presence of local Balinese origin modification owner reliable Java Balikpapan even clear a stimulus, enhancing the tension of competition here. Although the local modification owner flow that carries a lot of racing but a couple of tries to be different with their own signature style. As shown Kadek Irawan, Deny or Deny familiarly called Matrix with trusty steed make Honda Beat in 2008.

Radical changes evident from the overall look of this automatic motorcycle. The Body Modification and legs clearly be the most striking thing here. More about the bike, the original Matrix Deny this Singaraja said, “Basically this is my bike 2008 Honda Beat me black thick chopper-style modification change the legs and chassis,” he explained. “For the elongation of the rear chassis to the 40 cm is 20 cm plus the change in the front wheels 5 inch custom size bedlock model so that the back of this model using 8-inch size,” he added.

For details on the front legs like a disc, KALIPER, master brake and Tromol no significant changes occurred except in the fork arm now mengasup single custom model. To swing arm rear legs remain combined with the change of style is placed in the middle of center Monoshock. To adopt a disc rear disc plus KALIPER Ninja and Shogun brake master plus Tromol custom Sp. “Total processing this bike takes three weeks with the most difficult work for installation of water suspension because they have tried several times to the same level of flexibility, hardness,” said the big tall guy is about the difficulty in assembling the bike.

Body changes that occur mostly using carbon materials. Look at the front and rear spakbor a unique look bloated. While still using the original engine, the motor features grew with the installation of exhaust custom chopper style. Neat variation on this bike include LED rear lights, custom LED sign, and handlebar custom Footstep, spontaneous gas turbo and chopper mirror applications.

A series of detail changes and a neat finish is what brought this bike in made as The Best Black bike MOTODIFY Denpasar 2009. Concerning the achievement of his motorcycle, got the impression own Deny said, “I’m very happy and very excited because they can generally represent Bali or Denpasar and Singaraja Bali in particular and I am especially grateful to Almighty God and also as a wife and children for the support. Moreover, from the , this bike is my wife’s favorite bike “. “For the Solo hopefully there are no obstacles and there will be changes for the more mature the body kit and the paint would I fill a little striping and gradations,” he added about the expectations of the bike forward.


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