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Jupiter MX Best Audio Customize Contest in Motodify

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Jupiter MX Best Audio Customize Contest in MotodifyJupiter MX Best Audio Customize Contest in Motodify
Cultural show the creativity of Pekanbaru owner modification more varied with the advantages of each of the intake bring with extreme innovation and breakthroughs that can compete among each other in the city of Pekanbaru owner modification . As long as participation Hardian Pekanbaru son who tried to bring the concept of entertainment with a full motorcycle intake sound including power tools attached to the vehicle.

Hardian creative management to achieve full motor sound on Jupiter MX 2007 which reflected motor sport but there is modify to still use the original engine Jupiter engine, there is little change in the flue gas exhaust of the use Satria FU to add elegance with a variety of chrome on exhaust adds harmony to the exterior appearance.

The most significant part of the maximum given, Hardian custom form of fiber on the tool body to intake speakers on each side bodykitnya, plus a black color display makes it look elegant Jupiter. Other than this bike is a custom body in accordance with the body bodykit Jupiter Rombak only use fiber trends.

Eight-speaker sound intake plastered trim including power amplifier becomes the main force plus cordsoft passive voice adds more good generated, tool equalizer, Capasitor also added that the bank can develop a clear voice that can be enjoyed while driving as well as additional safety extinguisher which gives a saving if anything happens to the sound. For the legs are still using the original Jupiter MX explicitly, including discs that use a combination of Yamaha 125 and Nissin on the front and rear with the preparation work for this contest took five days he said.

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